BreakThrough Strategies for Predicting Any Market Charting Elliot Wave Lucas Fibonacci and Time for Profit

Các Chiến Thuật dự đoán mọi thị trường tài chính dựa trên sóng Elliot, dãy số Lucas, Fibonacci...tất nhiên còn tính chu kỳ thời điểm thị trường đổi xu hướng. Đã có bản mới 2nd edition

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The methodology you see in this book comes after years of learning from mistakes and refining the methodology after key blunders. I’ve generated as much as $10,000 a day in profits trading in the Futures market while losses were kept at no more than a $1,000 a day.

Closing the Gap
Impulse Waves
Corrective Waves
Diagonal Triangles
My Experience with Elliott

A New Look at the Language of Elliott Waves
Introduction to Time Relationships
Examining Corrections
In-Depth Look at Triangles
The Overlap Rule

Rotation in the Markets
Bear Rotations
The Entire Cycle from Bull to Bear Rotation
Advanced Setups
Sideways Markets

Candlesticks and the Time Element
Support and Resistance
Polarity Lines and Zones
Putting It All Together: Time Resistance

MACD and Divergences
Intraday Case Studies

Volume Studies, Moving Averages, and the Time Element
Moving Averages and Time Clusters
Adding Volume to the Mix Tracking Bull to Bear
Timing Cup and Handle Patterns

Hitting Moving Targets—Fibonacci Price Projections
Creating Projections
Introductory Case Studies
Advanced Case Studies

Advanced Projection Techniques
Going the Extra Mile
Extensions Based on Corrections
Variations on Gartley for Corrective Wave Patterns
Adding the Time Element
Extensions off Triangle Breakouts
Larger Degree Projections
Advanced Calculations

Timing the Forex Market
Examining the Charts

Mental Toughness
Taking out the Garbage
The Zone
Developing Mental Toughness
Becoming a Nonconformist
Living in the Present
Exploring Different Methodologies

Practice Makes Profits
Practice Patience
High Probability Setups with MACD Divergence
Calculating High Probability Targets
Buying Dips, Selling Rallies
Buying off Corrections


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