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Sách dạy kinh doanh cho trẻ em được viết dưới dạng tự truyện của một đứa trẻ 12 tuổi, kể về quá trình kinh doanh và thành CEO, Inventor, Entrepreneur của tập đoàn Sure Thing. Đọc sách online KID Entrepreneur Billy Sure 1 pdf bên dưới.

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I’M BILLY SURE. YOU’VE PROBABLY heard of me. Wait, that sounds weird, like “Who is this kid and why does he think I’ve heard of him? ” But it’s not like that. I mean, I’m not like that. And you probably weren’t thinking that anyway because . . . well, like I said, you’ve probably heard of me. Because I’m that Billy Sure, the famous kid entrepreneur, inventor, and CEO of SURE THINGS, INC. At the moment I am also the kid who is sitting on a blue couch in a plain little room backstage at the BETTER THAN SLEEPING! show. Maybe you will see me on the show tonight, if your parents let you stay up that late on a school night. (If not, maybe you can watch it in your room with the sound turned way down. Just don’t get caught—I don’t want to be the kid who gets your TV taken away!) “You’re bouncing your legs,” Manny tells me. Manny Reyes is my best friend.
He is also the chief financial officer of Sure Things, Inc., which is just a fancy way of saying he likes crunching numbers and has a really smart head for business.

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